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Elmer Lawrence Goddard

Lawrence Elmer Goddard (on left) and his father Elmer Lawrence Goddard (on right)

Generation 3

From the 3rd generation, Charles Anson Goddard was born November 27 1835 in South Stukely, Shefford, Quebec, Canada and died there on May 6 1903. He married Calista Almira Lawrence on March 22 1857, the daughter of Isaac Lawrence and Caroline Elmer. This record is found in Protestant Marriages of the District of Bedford, Quebec, 1804-1879. She was born on November 24 1838 in Stukely, Shefford, Quebec, Canada and died there on March 30 1882. They had these children: Elmer Lawrence Goddard born July 6 1878 in Stukely, Canada. he went to the united States in 1900 and married Nettie Wilhelmina Church, born November 12 1882 in Thompson, Connecticut. They had one son, Lawrence Elmer Goddard who was born May 5 1906 in Worcester, Massachusetts, and died May 19 1969 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Elmer worked at the Central States Envelope Company.

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