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The Payne Family Ancestry of Grundy, Virginia

Generation 1

From the 1st generation, Lawrence Elmer Goddard was born 5 May 1906 in Worcester, MA and died 19 May 1969 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and married Viola Gertrude McIlvain of Indian, and had son Jack Elmer Goddard. Jack Elmer Goddard married Wanola Janiece Greer who had a daughter from her first marriage to William Estil Walls Jr. William "Bill" Estil Walls Jr. descended from:
  • David Payne, born about 1782 and died about 1853, and married Anne Garrison, who was born about 1780 and died about 1801, who had son
  • John Payne, born abput 1797 in Virginia, and died about 1872, and married Susannah Lester who was born about 1810, who had son
  • George Washington Payne, born about 1839, who married Amanda Williams, who had a daughter
  • Laura E Payne, born about 1874 in Kentucky, and married Thomas Timothy Craynon, born 16 December 1875, who had a daughter
  • Hazel Craynon, born in May 1893 in Kentucky and died in 1941 in Grundy, Va, and married William Estil Walls Sr., born 25 December 1886 and died about 1960, who had son William Estil Walls Jr.

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